To Rebellion: Travel Day to Blackpool

A fevered dream, I am curling fetal-like in the heat, an innocent ant sizzling under the magnifying glass of a curious yet ultimately cruel nine year old boy.
Until now, I thought the term puddle of sweat was a cliche. But as I jump out of my bunk and look back-yes: an actual pooled reservoir of my much missed bodily fluids.
If this were home I would simply stumble to the bathroom and plant my mouth under the Kohler, sucking in the sweet city water as it turned lukewarm to cool.

But this is not home, I am instantly reminded. I look about my surroundings, see snoring degenerates strewn across the room like so many unmatched socks; a wilted hackey sack orb sits in the center of the tiled floor, resigned.
Gaaa! Hostel!

I lurch into the shared bathroom and run the fetid faucet water over my carotid artery, hoping to keep my blood from coming to a boil.

This town sizzles, I tells ya!

This town sizzles, I tells ya!

Heh. Did I mention Frankfurt was hot?

Checked the ol email at the hostel, caught up on the latest news

Hostel living.....

Hostel living.....

wha? John Hughes dead!….we all were weepy until someone imformed us it was not Pink Flamingoes guy, but Breakfast Club guy! Eh….RIP, I guess…..

whew!  Don't scare us like that!

whew! Don't scare us like that!

Hit the ground in Frankfurt, sadly on our own again as Mr. Benny left with Big Orange to take the ferry over to UK. We shall fly over to catch up with Adolescents and Damned it is decided. Bus to the plane to the train and we are in this seaside tackfest.

The Mexicans attempt a river crossing....that's the sea, putos!!

The Mexicans attempt a river crossing....hey! that's the sea, putos!!

Into the Wintergardens, and it is Punk Rock Planet! Immediately met with some familiar and friendly faces:

What the....?  Not again!

What the....? Not again!

Kimm and Steve

Kimm and Steve

Were given all access wristbands and shown about the massive complex by Mr. Soto, who ultimately planted us sidestage to watch the Damned with all of Punk Rock Royalty.


If a mischievious comet decided to obliterate this building on this night, you would be left with only Fall Out Boy as your Punk fix!!
Dave Vanian...

Dave Vanian...

Chris GG/Lagwagon and Mr Chi

Chris GG/Lagwagon and Mr Chi

Monkey,Charlie, Kimm, Kelli, Mike

Monkey,Charlie, Kimm, Kelli, Mike

Pete, Wattie, Kimm, Alf

Pete, Wattie, Kimm, Alf

Tomorrow we play, our final show of tour-M


~ by CH3 on August 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “To Rebellion: Travel Day to Blackpool”

  1. Really, the best thing that has happened to the internet in the last 10 days is y’all blogging your Euro Tour. Hi-Steri-Cal!


  2. […] The busiest day of the year was June 3rd with 185 views. The most popular post that day was To Rebellion: Travel Day to Blackpool. […]

  3. Looking forward to being a part of this next year!

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